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WingtraOne takes road surveys to the next level of speed, savings and safety

Global News 07,February, 2021

WingtraOne takes road surveys to the next level of speed, savings and safety.

The T2 highway is a major artery of traffic connecting Estonia’s two most populated cities—Tallinn and Tartu. The freeway experiences average daily traffic of 22,000 motorists around Tallinn and 11,000 around Tartu. With twists and turns, it presents not only congestion but danger to those who use it. For this reason the government has begun a major project to expand the stretch of highway connecting these two cities from two to four lanes.

Road construction depends on accurate survey measurements, not only to ensure the quality of the road, but also to keep the costs down by gathering volume information to compare with contractor agreements. Vaiko Veeleid is the CEO of Hades Geodeesia, a 30 year-old surveying firm that is tasked with providing survey data services to the government for this project.


To gather higher-accuracy results while giving clients more information, faster, Veeleid has been exploring drone tech for five years. Since he brought WingtraOne onboard at Hades, he said it’s proving to be the go-to equipment for his team on large projects like T2. 


"If I have to do a survey the ordinary way, with a GPS rover, it will take much more time, and the information is just points. But if I provide it with a drone, it’s very visual and understandable to everyone. The drone photogrammetry accuracy with WingtraOne is very impressive. Very accurate".


Vaiko Veeleid
CEO, Hades Geodeesia