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The Big 7 For Every Road Construction project

Social News 10,July, 2021


It is often said that road infrastructure is a reflection of a nation’s economic progress. Many developed nations such as the United States, Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands, Canada and many more have held the title of countries featuring some of the best infrastructure in the world.Although Road Construction is seen to be only a fraction of a country’s infrastructural development, it is definitely a telling sign and a reflection of the nation’s prowess within the construction industry.


Leading nations of the GCC such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Dubai are currently undertaking developments within their road infrastructure that only seem to further expanding in light of EXPO 2020. Dubai’s latest project – The Khawaneej and Al Amardi Road have witnessed a 60% completion, along Saudi’s road projects in Madinah coming close to completion. Oman’s Dibba-Lima project is also seen to a major one that has created a lot of buzz within the industry. Although road construction is ever-changing and has been over the last decade, the latest technology and methods are in need of more capable and efficient construction equipment to further aid the process.


It is quite evident, that in order to cater to the betterment of societal needs as well as complement urban developments, in order to aid to every aspect of road works, all bases must be covered. Earthworks, paving construction and surfacing are strict criterion that requires the use of efficient equipment. These are some of the most sought-after machines by professionals in the field.


7 powerful construction equipment for Road Infrastructure


1- Motor Grader:

Common referred to as a road grader, is seen to be a vital necessity within road works along with many other construction projects involving mining and building. These machines are mainly responsible for leveling soil or ground during the grading process. The Motor Grader is accompanied by a long blade that assists in tasks involving leveling surfaces; its functionality can be further customized with the help of adding additional parts.  Although these have been of relevance for quite some time, manufacturers are taking it to the next level. One of the newest key trends that can be observed is the ability to remake and rebuild old motor graders for extended life cycle. Due to the importance these machines hold, leading manufacturers such as Hitachi and Caterpillar are developing newer methods to increase and maintain the life cycle of these machines.


2- Road Roller Machine:

The Road Roller Machine is mainly used to compact soil, concrete or asphalt. In Road works, these machines use the weight of the machine, to compress the surface being rolled. It is a compactor-type vehicle that uses its own weight to spread across bulk material, often even seen in large freeways. The industry has seen a significant increase in the use of these vehicles both static and roller type - due to increasing urban projects with some of the key manufacturers such as XCMG, SANY Group, BOMAG and Caterpillars. The newest trends in Road Roller Machines involve developments to make it more fuel efficient while incorporating systems that enable it to be electronically operated.



3- Asphalt Paver:

Asphalt paving machines are key contributors to any road projects. As the name suggests, it is used to distribute, shape and compact asphalt on the surface of roadways. The machine ideally features a tractor unit – which is concerned with the movement and a screed unit which contributes to leveling. The machine is one that has been highly in demand in the recent times, with an expected growth rate of 4% within this year. Some of the leading manufacturers for Asphalt pavers such as Ammann, Volvo, Bomag and CAT have introduced more efficient ways to better put this machine to use. With the help of Intelligent Machine Control systems and new asphalt rammers, the demand for this equipment is expected to skyrocket further.


4- Asphalt Mixing Plant:

An Asphalt plant or mixing plant is built for mixing warm aggregate, padding and asphalt at suitable temperatures for the purpose of road construction. This is a key contributor to the process, as the homogenous mixture must be produced in meticulous temperatures. Key innovations within Asphalt plant manufacturing is the development of a recycling asphalt plant, a key player in the industry – Ammann has recognized the large quantities of reusable materials going to waste with traditional models, and has thus introduced the RSS 120-M RAP recycling machine, which along with its recycling abilities is also compact in size making it easier for shipping and transportation purposes.



5-  Crawler Excavator:

In road works, crawler excavators are heavy machinery used to excavate paved rocks and clay as well as load into a dump truck. Its main uses are seen to be for heavy-duty tasks such as digging trenches and movement of heavy rocks and soil. The market has seen a rise in demand for crawler excavator’s particularly in the last year, along with an expected growth rate of 6% by 2022 according a report conducted by IndustryResearch.



6- Wheel Loader:

The Key uses of a wheel loader, quite similar to an excavator, are to move and transport material from the ground and load onto a dump truck. In other words, it is basically a giant mobile shovel that enables the operator to simply scoop the material as well as lift almost anything on the job site. They are highly mobile equipment that can be used for backfilling trenches and many other tasks, which in road works are quite the routine. These machines are quite traditional, however, like most other heavy machinery Wheel loaders are also being constantly developed and altered to match current trends and requirements of contractors and other professionals in the industry. For instance, Hybrid systems and IoT solutions are an excellent example of the recent developments. With these in place, it is no doubt that projects will be set to completion than ever before.



7- Forklifts:

Forklifts are a common part of nearly every major and minor construction project that requires carrying heavy loads of materials within a job site. These are machines that have been prevalent for quite some time, but ones that have seen an extraordinary amount of changes over the years. The addition of visual aids to improve operation and technological advancements are all factors that have made this a great investment. For this reason, these have become elemental additions to road construction.