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Social Media Marketing in Construction: Is it worth it?

Social News 01,May, 2021


One of the most prominent tools in marketing and communication is social media marketing. With information age accelerating success within a number of sectors, it is quickly becoming a business phenomenon. According to Forbes, 40% of social media users use it to follow their favorite brands, where as one in four users follow brands that they might invest in.

For this reason, Social media can help make a large profit for companies through lead generation as well targeting a whole new market based on current trends. Purchase level is to some extent correlated to a customer’s interest level and an essential part of every purchase journey is brand interaction. Not only could it help a company connect to loyal and long-standing customers but it could also increase their chances of gaining brand awareness to new markets through existing customers (i.e. word-of –mouth).

By implementing these strategies within a construction marketing plan, companies can now cultivate a priceless return on investment. Many free outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be used to network within any industry if the right resources and ideas are put together.


 Benefits of using social media marketing for the construction industry:


 Brand Awareness

Construction companies and contractors could use this platform as an opportunity to establish their brand identity. Social media as a medium is known to enhance advertising efforts, brand association and building an essential net of stakeholders. Many successful construction companies have already put this to use, through an active social media feeds, through blog posts, events and engaging posts.



 Current Trends

Social media is a great tool to conduct market research, and identify current trends. With the surge in social media marketing, many have resorted to using social media to receive daily updates and monitor what their followers are most interested in. Many tools such as TweetDeck, Google Trends and HootSuite are all capable of tracking specific topics or even providing general updates on current trends in the market. With the use of such tools, there is no limit and shortage of information.




One surefire way to put you a step ahead is to monitor competitor’s content strategy. By using platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn a firm is not only highlighting their own brand identity but also tracking and analyzing competitors in the market. There are several online tools that also help analyze competitor’s engagement rate, the frequency and time of their posts. This could produce inspiring changes within a current strategy and possible weakness that could be tweaked according to the audience.




The use of social media platforms has broken the barrier between companies and their stakeholders. Social Media is now a two-way street, which has allowed many to interact with their audience and receive direct feedback. By sharing engaging images, articles and videos construction companies can now easily build their brand personality, while also target their posts according to audience characteristics. Furthermore, social media helps retain existing customers and even receive positive feedback. This brings the company closer to the client/stakeholders and possibly even aiding in a better provision of services.



 Lead Generation

Another major use of Social Media especially in 2021, is lead generation and business development. Regardless of the sector, the ability to generate and identify new prospects is a great advantage of SMM. There are several methods that help build your database and cultivate new leads, such as personalized ads, user-friendly landing pages, email marketing and calls.