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Making Room For A Better Tomorrow- 5 Equipment needs for Land Clearing

Social News 17,June, 2021


 Land Clearing is a significant process prevalent in multiple industries. It is the process of clearing untouched or ‘scrub’ land for the purpose of agricultural or commercial development. Be it agriculture, conservation or construction, clearing land pose many benefits for property condition.

In many cases, this is seen as a rather negative aspect of the construction industry, as it can often wipe out potential habitat for flora and fauna and involves breaking up the soil.


However, when done under the right circumstances, it can pose many benefits for the betterment of the community. Land clearing has been known to show many benefits even for the purpose of healthy growth of plants. Usually when a plot is overcrowded with shrubs and vegetation, it leaves little room for healthy plants to grow. In terms of the construction industry, it can help promote fire safety, reduce the incidence of unwanted creatures or pests, and overall increase safety and usability of land.


Before commencing with land clearing, every organization must ensure they have access to or, are at least familiar with the most suitable equipment. In the initial phases of preparing a construction site, two elements must be tackled i.e., clearing vegetation and eliminating the surface layer of the soil. As this can be a rather intensive job, it requires equally capable heavy machinery to aid in doing so.



5 Equipment needs for Land Clearing:




Excavators as discussed many times before, are a rather multipurpose addition to construction jobs. This is great equipment for removing unwanted vegetation and debris. In some cases involving large trees bulldozers are even better. Depending on the intensity of the job and the nature of the land, one can determine whether to invest in a bulldozer or an excavator. Excavators offer more precise features such as being able to dig holes or for scooping, they are much more time efficient as they need not be relocated every once in a while compared to a bulldozer. A bulldozer on the other hand has more pushing power and has the capability to move large trees and boulders out of the way. Besides, the variations of a dozer can be put to use for almost any task. After analyzing the site, one can easily determine the best use of either one of these equipments.




Mowers are used for clearing grassy lands, or plants grounds. In the case there is a presence of growing vegetation, a mower may be the best option. Instead of relying on manpower or hand tools to pluck out unwanted weeds, this can come in as quite a handy machine for surface clearing.



Skid Steers

Skid Steers are compact and underrated pieces of machinery. They are mobile and light, making them a suitable option for many construction tasks. The Skid Steer is versatile in nature, as it can be customized with additional parts depending on the nature of the task. These are machines more suitable for small scale clearing and are an alternative to manual labor. Although they won’t be of much help for clearing large plots, they are definitely handy for urban developments.



Tree Shears

Tree shears are specialized machines for cutting down large trees in a wooded land. These are commonly being used for lot clearing due to their efficiency in complex terrain. In the forest or wooded lands, these get the job done. Similar to excavators and other equipment counterparts, they need to be given proper maintenance in order to function smoothly.




Grubber is another effective tool used in grass clearing.  These are additional parts often attached to excavators to remove shrubs and grass. Although, it is very common in agricultural developments its functions are multi-purpose. When used in small scale operations, that don’t require intensive machines, these can be helpful in removing unwanted shrubs thus, making room for commercial properties and developments.