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Grand Opening Ceremony in Tema

Emerging Market News 22,March, 2021

The construction finds easy with HMD Warehouses in your search of heavy machines. They have in store the spare parts and equipment for machine and even the facilities for repairing defective machines. However, the official set up as well as a range of heavy machinery for all purpose. You might have seen, the construction equipment rental companies offering wide range of heavy machines for various construction purposes. This HMD warehouses is really is providing quality machines for construction purposes.


The Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister on Friday near Community 25 pointed in a speech concerning the necessity for infrastructure that adapted to modern-day growth as well as this would surely motivate the youth and create jobs. Along with an observation made by Madam Elizabeth Sackey is regarding industrial growth would be expanded over time as well as this would drive to the change of the Ghana economy at its best. Besides, this necessitates a lot of investments in the field of construction and evenly at the manufacturing sector.


Deputy Minister also pointed that recommend private investors to partner government businesses especially the MMDAs to support to grow this sector to perform it more effective, Thus however, it furnish youth the opportunity to stick into construction, manufacturing as well as in the the export market. Well, HMD gave a nice reply for this concern at the immediate and it states that, aside from the jobs that would built as a result of this amenity, our residents would have way to your technology, through intensifying their skills, productivity as well as resources.


Regarding the opinions, Deputy Minister again pointed about diversify away from farming and the making of traditional goods. In that thought, Madam Sackey perceived that the effectiveness of factories would raise economic growth. Hearing the thoughts shared by colleagues, Mr Khoury stated that this convenience is our proof for the tremendous gratitude we have for all of you who possess devoted to our success.

Moreover, it’s our system of saying thank you. Added, it’s a symbol of our promise to continue fulfilling the best and even the most innovative goods and services.