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Fast, detailed urban drone survey of Cancún to promote development

Global News 03,March, 2021

Fast, detailed urban drone survey of Cancún to promote development


Every year, millions of people flock to the beautiful white-coral beaches of Cancún to take a vacation. This paradise city in Mexico features colorful contrasts of high-rise buildings and seascapes, hosting a blend of residential and tourist ambition.


For Mexico, Cancún is not only a point of beauty and pride. Like any beautiful place in the world, it draws a lot of tourist income and can be taxed in a way that significantly helps the economy. In order for the government to maximize this income potential and feed gains back into the development of the country, it needs a clear view of all of the infrastructure and business. That view is now available thanks to WingtraOne drone data.


“Our job is to collect data so that the government can collect taxes and fees related to what they do in the city,” said David Samadi, CEO of Agenda Digital, a drone-based data analysis and inspection company that partnered with GeoEarth. “Cancún’s cadastral information is very old, based on satellite images. That’s why we are working with WingtraOne to update it. The results we are getting from the RX1R II payload plus PPK are high resolution and very precise.” 


"Many people ask us ‘why aren’t you using another drone?’ Because WingtraOne is very safe, it minimizes a search for a take-off and landing space, and it’s easy to operate in very difficult areas while giving us good data."


David Samadi
CEO of Agenda Digital