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Could Smart Construction be the building blocks for the Next Generation?

Social News 03,March, 2021


More Than just Four Walls: Could Smart Construction be the building blocks for the Next Generation?


With UAE’s recent release on National Guidelines for Smart Construction, many have taken to transition towards being a more technologically-advanced organization. In support of the 2021 Vision, Innovation Week is an impeccable platform for UAE to celebrate being the top innovator in the Arab World. Not only have these set standards for leading engineering and construction firms within the GCC region, but have also given a chance for global and up and coming firms to follow suit. Smart building as an umbrella term has been a vast category giving rise to several technologies such as: Occupancy sensors, Building Dashboard, Electro-chromic windows and indoor positioning systems. Smart building assets such as Internet Of Things (IoT), Intelligent Building Management Systems (iBMS) and Next Generation Power Systems are the powerhouses that generate efficiency within any smart building project.


“Building automation is becoming more widespread as the Internet of Things continues to drop in cost” –Mickinsey, 2020


Leading Smart Building Solution Providers such as Schneider Electric, KMC Solutions, SBT Alliance, HoneyWell and Riptide have taken a further step into their developments in light of current circumstances. These advancements can do more than just turn the lights on and off. In fact, when approached methodically, can aid in long-term cost savings, increase productivity and document building systems data.


The construction and technology now successfully accounts for 14 percent of the Global GDP. Rapid urbanization and recognition of enormous gaps between the construction and technology industry has lead to lowered costs in Smart building Assets. Mickinsey’s recent study reported a significant drop in the cost of Internet of Things and a spike in ROIC for major system equipment companies.


What can we expect?


Environmental Friendliness / Green Building: Buildings account for up 40% of energy consumption and 36% of carbon emissions (Schneider Electric, 2020). With IoT sensors and developments, Schneider Electric along with many other companies report a major shift in energy spent and large amounts of cost cuttings. These sensors are especially beneficial as they help conserve light.


Enhanced Occupant Experience: With the use of IoT sensors, building systems can now accommodate its residents with suitable lighting and temperature levels. Based on outside environmental conditions and individual preferences, building can now automatically adapt to these conditions. Furthermore, HVAC Systems, CO2 emissions and air quality are all monitored to help enhance occupant’s experience and in turn, improve productivity levels.


Insightful metrics: IBMS now provide rich data, on its users, this would even include fitness tracking of employees and residents. Furthermore, extensive metrics are drawn from social settings and interactions to drive business success in corporate settings.


Cost-effective operations: Smart building systems easily trump traditions ways of operation in terms of managing HVAC, escalators and elevators. Apart from reducing implied maintenance costs, these systems present solutions to help integrate total system efficiency.


What does this mean for the UAE?


Over the past decade, U.A.E has been a leading contender in the construction and technology sector, bringing the region a lot closer to a brighter future Some of the major projects include, EXPO 2021, MASDAR CITY in Abu Dhabi, Aquaventure, Ain Dubai, Museum of Future and much more. Seeing as the nation has already taken an initiative in setting resourceful guidelines for the industry they seem to be on the right path. Smart construction is in essence, a stepping stone to building a smart city. True alignment of stakeholders, various sectors and developers are what pave the way toward achieving this. Considering what the future holds, The U.A.E is undoubtedly on a smooth sail towards success and more architectural masterpieces.