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Burkino Faso see a 20% hike in power generation with Mammoet

Emerging Market News 15,January, 2021

Burkino Faso foresees to increment electricity access from 20% to 80%. It is a suggestion by the national plan for economic and social development. The national network has to be strengthened and to attain this aim is possible with Kossodo thermal power plant project. This thermal power plant has a capacity of 50 MW.


Burkino Faso contracted FRAHT Company, intricate land transportation of components from the port of Takoradi in Ghana to Ouagadougou. A branch of FRAHT group executed the transportation taking advantage of Mammoet with a total distance of 14,00 kilometres. 


The power plant expansion was manufactured in Germany by a company, Man Energy Solutions. It has:


Three 325 t engines

 Three 59t generators

Two 80t transformers

Three 16t turbochargers


Features of Turbocharger

Length of 13 meters

Height of 6.6 meters

Width of 6 meters


The road and local infrastructure in West Africa is of poor status and it was for the first time such a gigantic cargo moved to a long distance. To make it a success, the project team had to lift over 1,000 overhead power lines of Ghana and Burkino Faso. 


After analysing route surveys, Mammoet proved to be the best route. The transportation demanded drastic changes and collaboration with the Ghana Highway Authorities and Electricity Company of Ghana made these modifications easy.  


Overcoming Obstacles

The spread of pandemic was another worrying factor. The government of both countries have rigid restrictions on cross borders. And these regulations have an adverse effect on the mobilization of the crew and the entire operations.


The FRAHT Company and the plant owner decided to use a private charter to ensure the mobilisation of the crew. Meanwhile, procured all documents for permits from Ghana and Burkino Faso. Mammoet jacking system enabled the cargo movement a success with accurate planning.