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5 New Releases For The Construction Industry

New Product Launch 12,April, 2021


Construction equipment and heavy machinery is a field that has been among the most dominant sectors for many years. With the onset of newer technological advancements, smart construction and green building; many organizations have been on the lookout for a competitive advantage while at the same time achieving their mission values.These five new inventions are guaranteed to make a difference, proving to aid many developing and developed countries.


1- CAT’s 992 Wheel Loader – Initially introduced in 1968, the wheel loader model has come a long way. With their newest release featuring a range of advanced specs. The K series was especially launched to align an organization’s cost control objectives, operators comfort, durability and productivity. Some of the features that stand out in the newest release however, is the Positive Flow Hydraulics which was designed to achieve higher efficiency, with a lower generation of heat and fuel consumption by at least 5%, as well as an improved hydraulic response. With the advancement of VIMS  (Vital Information Management System) 3G, the machines is now more user-friendly than ever, with more all-round features that enable it to work as a smart all-in-one machine.


2- XCMG Middle East Series - Over the past few years, China’s leading manufacturer XCMG, has presented insightful new releases. However, the recent initiation included a middle-east specific series. The idea was followed by the recent product release held in Muscat, Oman. Welcoming more than 200 guests, the event featured the new line of HD machinery. XCMG’s middle-east series is especially suitable for the regions hot and dry climate. This new campaign is said to feature many more new releases within HD machinery over the year.


3- Liebherr MK 73-3.1 – Liebherr’s newest release features the advanced mobile construction crane – MK 73-3 This new model is especially designed for its flexible mobility, especially within narrow spaces of a site. The model is a compact three-axle crane that is set to provide efficiency matching the previous initiation, MK 88-4.1. Among its other features, the MK is also a preset for more sustainable operations due its quiet and emission-free motor. The 2021 model is definitely a win, for organizations that strive to be more eco-friendly within their operations, or are working within residential areas that tend to be more noise-sensitive.


4- SANY (World’s first) Hydrogen fuel cell Mixer Truck –With the onset of 2021’s competitive atmosphere within the machinery and equipment industry, SANY –one of the largest producer of construction machinery, has introduced their newest initiative, the hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles. Some of their newest innovations include a mixer and a dump truck. This new release possesses promising new features in terms of safety, adaptability, power as well as driving range. Overall functions of a hydrogen powered vehicle ensure a more integrated heat managed system as well 50% higher energy conversion rate when compared to vehicles currently in the market.  The hydrogen fuel cell breakthrough is an attempt to tame carbon dioxide emissions. As the president of China proposed, technological advances preset managed levels of these emissions. 


5- Manitowoc Potain MCT 185 - The Potain line of topless cranes has been specifically manufactured to support highly advanced and urban projects within leading nations. The MCT 185, is caters to the speed and flexibility that are most often expected from topless crane. This new release however, is said to have an intelligent design with a superior lifting performance. The model has an 8T maximum capacity, within minimized component dimensions of which, some sections are available in multiple sizes. Users can therefore, asses and invest accordingly. The Potain series has previously been associated with increased efficiency and high.