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4 Tips For Moving Heavy Machinery

Social News 17,June, 2021


Although heavy machinery can be an added benefit for any industry, it can be quite a hassle to transport it in between job sites. It is necessary to ensure all bases are covered before resuming any moving processes.


The HSE or the Health Safety Manual, for instance provides pointers for to clean, maintain as well as move around machinery. In order to ensure a smooth and safe transportation of heavy construction equipments it is essential to follow a set of safety rules and guidelines.


Holding toolbox talks and regular staff meetings prior can help develop a more defined system and avoid risks involved such as: caught-in/between accidents, electrical shocks and property damage. Relocating heavy machinery is often necessary in cases the company has no designated warehouse, downsizing or selling machinery.  



Plan Ahead

In order to facilitate the moving process, it is essential to carefully consider the expenses, the type of equipment being used to transport, the fixed timeline or duration. Furthermore, planning ahead of time can help prevent unexpected delays and injuries within work staff. Moreover, it could be beneficial to invest in professional movers specializing in heavy duty tasks, as it prevents putting inexperienced staff in jeopardy of their safety. Performing risk assessments and ensuring members involved are wearing PPE is also a must for every moving process.


Safety First

One of the main reasons many companies are vary of heavy machinery transport, is due to the number of safety issues that it is affiliated with. In the case, a firm decides to move machinery by hand, there are many options available. In the cases, where machinery is more compact and mobile, forklifts can come in handy. However, since many machines such as bulldozers and excavators are on the heavier side, a pulley system may be a better choice. In this case, machinery jacks or chains to assist them on to machinery skate.


Machinery Skates

In the case, your company does not wish to invest in movers, machinery skates are a way to keep the moving process in-house. Machinery skates or load moving skates are mechanical handling equipment that help assist transporting heavy machinery either within workspaces or to and fro from the transport vehicle. Essentially, machinery jacks are used to hoist and release the equipment when necessary.



Before transporting any heavy machinery, ever organization must ensure they have fully familiarized themselves with local laws on heavy machinery on highways and on traffic. Ensuring there is sufficient communication and pre-planning among team members. Designating duties among workers can help avoid confusion and delays, and result in a more swift process. Before resuming transport duties, cleaning is a necessary process to maximize machine hold and traction. Often dirt, oil and debris get trapped within metal and reduce friction within machines, making it a safety hazard.